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What is Natural Beaded Rows™
Hair Extensions?

NBR extensions



Using small beads, a section of hair is taken and folded into the bead.  This creates a sort of "pillow" between the bead and the scalp.  This protects the health of the scalp and prevents slipping beads like some other methods.

Connecting each of those beads is a string.

The spacing and sectioning of these beads are the foundation of NBR and the secret to painless, comfortable, and healthy extensions!



Custom color is the KEY to seamlessly blended extensions!

Your hair and the extension hair will both be strategically colored so that, even on the windiest day, your extensions will never show!

Your extension wefts will be carefully chosen and expertly placed on your row so that the color melts together without a trace!

NBR extensions
NBR extensions



Even the smallest details matter!

The stitches in the NBR method connect the wefts of extension hair to the string that runs between the beads. 


NO stitches ever attach to the natural hair.  This makes sure there is no uncomfortable pulling or unnecessary tension on your natural hair.  

This also ensures that the 4-6 wefts on your row are tightly stitched together to prevent saggy or loose rows.


To completely ensure SEAMLESS extensions, you'll need to also match your hair texture (straight, wavy, curly, coils) and your hair density (how much hair you naturally have on your head).

Extensions come in ALL textures!  So, no need to worry about your extensions not blending with your natural curl.

We will also match your hair's natural density!  So, say goodbye to that "extension shelf" with thick natural hair and thin extensions!

clients after photo
hair extensions

Pricing + Maintenance

Most first time clients can expect to invest $1,900* to $4500* for us to work together getting you the hair of your dreams.


This investment covers NBR® Hair Extensions, Seamless Color, Cut and Styling, a complimentary Lunch, Photos, and a kit of Luxury haircare products!

Re-tighten the NBR® Hair Extensions are every 6-8 weeks. A usual tighten and color touch up ranges between $400 - $700*

*All pricing subject to change.

Ready to experience the Natural Beaded Rows difference?


A full consultation is required before booking your reservation. This is to ensure you are a great fit for NBR and that we are a great fit for each other!

To start your journey towards the hair of your dreams...

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