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What are hair toppers?

Before and after of hair topper

Show hair loss who the boss is with the help of the Hairuwear Method!

Keep reading to find out more! 

If you have been suffering from hair loss and you just can't take it any longer, keep your head up!  We have just the thing. 


I have spent many years of my career watching women with hair loss of all types lose their self-confidence and fight the emotional battles that hair loss brings.  I know you are probably spending HOURS in front of the mirror every day trying to style your hair just right so that if the wind blows, no one could see your scalp through your thinning hair...

It's so emotional and I see you.

At JENNIFER K EXTENSIONS, I'm here to help!  I can give you that confidence back and have you LOVING your reflection.

hair topper service



These custom hair pieces aren't wigs.  They are specially designed hairpieces that fill in your thin spots and look completely natural, even up close!  The piece is breathable, allows your scalp to breathe, and integrates into your natural hair to fill in your problem areas.

Each piece is handmade using real human hair that was ethically and responsibly sourced, so you can blow-dry, curl, straighten, or style it the same way you would your natural hair!



After custom coloring your piece to mirror the look of your natural hair, we position it precisely and begin fusing small segments of your hair through the openings to attach it securely.  This ensures you can keep up an active lifestyle and never have to worry about your hairpiece slipping off.

After the bonding is finished and your natural hair is integrated through, we finish off with a custom cut that really puts the life and natural movement into your piece!

hair topper
thinning hair before and after

Pricing + Maintenance


Depending on your hair goals, Guests can expect to invest anywhere between $1,950* to $4,600* for us to work together to get you the hair of your dreams. (A typical surgical hair replacement procedure is $15,000!😱)


This investment covers The Hairwear® Hair Piece and any other Extension Hair, Seamlessly Blended Color, a Detail Cut, and Styling, a complimentary Lunch, Photos, and a kit of Luxury haircare products!

A Mini Beauty Service to snug down the piece every 3-4 weeks.
A Full Beauty Service every 6-8 weeks to completely refresh color and snug down the piece. 


A usual tighten and color touch-up ranges between $250* - $500(for hairwear, not including other methods)*

*Pricing varies depending on the length and density goals that we will be working to achieve and the Refresh and/or Maintenance Goals decided upon.

Ready to experience a Luxury Hair piece?


A full consultation is required before booking your reservation. This is to ensure you are a great fit and that we are a great fit for each other!

To start your journey towards the hair of your dreams...

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